Virtual Aircraft Surveying

Laser Aviation captures, with very precise accuracy, the exact condition of an aircraft’s physical condition as if you were standing in or near the aircraft and from any position.The aircraft has virtually unlimited accessibility for anyone who has access to the internet, anywhere, and at any time at their convenience. We can provide a virtual survey for your aircraft with or without it's documentation and showcase it in the most favorable conditions viewed easily by many more possible clients that you could previously reach.

About Us

3-D Laser Mapping Process (3-D LMP)

Every imaging project is unique and requires a seasoned scan technician that has the skills and talents to envision the finished product. This ability to visualize the end product and understand how the client will utilize the gathered data is of the utmost importance. A qualified scan technician must also have ability to strategize and implement precise scan directives once deployed to the field. Our qualified scan technicians have the resources and ability to develop work-arounds for problems that inevitably arise on the project.

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Product development through Digital prototyping, and reverse engineering.

If a drawing exists we can reproduce the part in question with the precision of the original crafts men. We then reproduce part by means of additive manufacturing (3D printing) or if appropriate machine the part via more traditional methods.



Laser Aviation’s technology and cloud-based document management repository can be accessed through conventional methods and a visualization wearable smart devise by simply looking at the component either on or off the aircraft. Once the end-user/owner authorizes access, anyone can view all data stored via any smart device.


Laser Aviation Inc. is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The company’s primary professional service is to provide turnkey solutions in dimensional documentation and visualization of documentation through cutting edge and truly disruptive technologies. Laser Aviation also provides 3D solid models and rapid prototyping / additive manufacturing support.